Primeway is the Michigan Representative of ezoBord products. Offering dramatic yet functional design potential, ezoBord enables architects and designers the ability to redefine, reinvent and reconfigure office furniture and a wide variety of environments. This new generation acoustical/tackable material is an all in one product. ezoBord is 100% polyester made from 40-50% recycled water/soda bottles. It is flexible, decorative, tackable, sound dampening, super easy to install and cost-effective.

We are proud to offer these high-performance acoustical solution products. Being a full-scale contract office furniture manufacturer, we are also capable of fabricating unique pieces using the ezoBord materials and often incorporate them into our other product offerings. Together with ezoBord, the use of our state-of-the-art equipment and broad fabrication capabilities, we are able to remain flexible and current within a fast-paced industry to meet the needs of our customers.


    25 standard stock colors available (color selection varies per ezoBord thickness, see brochure download for more details)
    100% polyester made from 40-50% recycled water/soda bottles
    without use of adhesives or other bonding agents
    3/8” (+/- 0.04″)   9mm (+/- 1mm)
    1/2” (+/- 0.04″)   12mm (+/- 1mm)  (available in limited colors)
    Low-VOC, min 40% recycled PET 100% recyclable
    Average NRC 0.75-0.85 (50mm air gap) 1.0 NRC in mid – high frequencies
    Decorative wall and ceiling acoustical panels, office partitions, acoustic tack boards, visual and acoustical full height privacy barriers and many more

Download Brochure ( pdf / 3.13 MB )