About Primeway

As a manufacturer, Primeway is dedicated to providing quality office furniture products and services to furniture dealers, architects and design firms. The company was developed by two brothers in 1990 with the goal of designing and building great products which inspired them to form Primeway. Our facility is located in Royal Oak, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, where hard work and commitment is the key to success. We are equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery and other advanced manufacturing technology that helps us maintain a competitive edge without losing sight of our commitment to manufacturing the highest in quality furniture.

Our goal is your goal. All great work places start with great planning. Primeway understands the unique challenges that exist when developing a functional office for a client. Whether it is a private office, a semi-private space or a team environment, the better the feel throughout the office the better the work will be. Our team is focused on designing and manufacturing high quality furniture to make your work environment function properly and our team is dedicated to fulfilling your needs.

We have the experience you need. With over 25 years of industry experience, Primeway is committed to crafting solutions specifically for the workplace. We believe the superb quality of our furniture, along with the service flexibility that comes with Primeway manufactured goods will make a lasting impression on all parties involved.

Let’s work together to achieve something great. Team with Primeway and together we will reach your project objectives. Let our knowledgeable, experienced team build something incredible!

Here are a few key reasons why Primeway should be first on your list to call when you need an extraordinary design for your client:

Personal Assistance

Primeway offers assistance at a personal level that is unmatched by our competitors. Tap into our teams years of knowledge and experience to confidently create conference tables, reception stations and specialty items that suit your client’s needs. Bring us your design and together we can refine it. Primeway is a valuable tool to have on your side.

Cost Effective

Primeway provides cost effective results that generate sales. We can tailor the price point to help sell the project. We have the capability to fulfill large and small orders, whether it’s one file top or 100 café tables, Primeway has the power to produce them fast!

AutoCad Proficient

Using AutoCAD based technology allows us to work effectively with our clients to achieve accurate information and results.

CNC Technology

Primeway uses state-of-the-art CNC technology and equipment for consistency and precision. The combination of AutoCAD based technology and a highly skilled staff insures efficiency, accuracy and quality. Primeway also has the latest in Laser Measuring technology. This equipment allows us to measure walls whether straight, angled or curved with extreme accuracy. We can measure a standard size room within 1/16”. This means fast and accurate field measuring for a guaranteed fit when the product arrives at the job site. Primeway can also provide the dimensions for an entire floor, AutoCAD ready.