Environmentally Responsible

recycleIn our Royal Oak, Michigan headquarters we are working every day to reduce our environmental footprint through our recycling programs such as repurposing our scrap material into fuel pellets to heat homes in mid-Michigan. We have converted the lighting in and around our plant to new LED fixtures. This improvement will save approximately 75 percent on energy usage. The new fixtures were purchased from a lighting manufacturer in Michigan.

Primeway is committed to supporting sustainability and the protection of our environment. Our families, employees, and customers are very important to us, as well as the general public and future generations. We look to use materials in our products with consideration for their environmental impact and search to discover product innovations that will support cost and performance objectives. These processes will help reduce pollution and waste throughout the life cycle of the product.

Much of our product is produced with recycled post-industrial materials, such as particle boards. Primeway has produced products using rapidly renewable materials like sunflower board along with manufacturing procedures that minimize waste. We look to substitute materials or change our processes if it will allow the use of less hazardous substances. Primeway supports the use of materials manufactured within the region whenever possible. We focus on the use of GREENGUARD-certified materials and therefore it is our policy that all materials we use meet that certification when applicable.

Our products are built to last, creating a long life cycle of use, and are produced in a modular fashion whenever this is feasible. This allows disassembly for easier maintenance, repair, and reconfiguration for extended life. This also allows for the recovery and reuse of components or materials.

We maintain a program to sort and recycle materials such as paper, plastics, glass, steel, and aluminum as well as the use of recycled packaging materials to help in our effort to reduce pollution and waste.

At Primeway we acknowledge the importance of a clean, healthy environment and have a social responsibility to support our community, operate ethically, and continually work towards more sustainable products and workplace solutions.