Reception – Greeter Stations

There is no such thing as a standard reception desk!

Reception stations create the “Wow” factor and each desk reflects the unique characteristics of the client. The desk becomes a reflection of the company’s personality.

Primeway has many options available for the reception area whether it’s simply a greeter’s station or a sophisticated reception area. With features, such as glass or granite transaction tops on brushed steel stand-offs, perforated metal detailing, wood trim, reveal accents, steel post legs, rectilinear shapes, curves or half rounds. Primeway has full capabilities to provide any reception area with your design ideas.

Primeway would love to be a part of your next reception area project. Send us your detailed drawings and specifications. We’ll provide a quote that’s sure to fit your client’s budget.

When the budget doesn’t allow you to FLEX your creative muscle as much as you’d like take a look at the receptions desks offered in our standard Flex Casegood line.  See the photo gallery and price guide pages 4-32 to 4-34.